The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 The Interviews

The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 The Interviews

Tough-Talking In The Final Interviews


These candidates made it to the interviews so keep watching for the final bashing as they are fed to Sugar’s trusted advisors for the grouling onslaught which isn’t going to be easy so I think a few tense feeling will start to surface.

























Lord Sugar has called in his business buddies to pore over the candidates’ business plans.

These business advisors have to pore over the CVs, applications, and business plans of those hoping to get that £250,000 investment – and they don’t hold back. With Lord Sugar’s own money on the line, picking the wrong partner could be disastrous.

Feedback therefore ranges from ‘pretty harsh’ to ‘astonishingly brutal’ – and absolutely no-one is safe.

The 4 of these really dug into all of them.


Linda Plant








Bolshy and direct, the Leeds born business woman could be one of the final interviewers who interrogates the servivers of this years Apprentice as some Twitter fans were quick to comment on Ms Plant’s acid tongue, with many saying she was their favourite interviewer.  user posted: “Lovin Linda on the apprentice. blunt & honest is best way.

6/ Linda “Michaela How many research staff are you having?” “10”

7/ Linda “Joanna Where you going to get your stock from?” “Add Hock” “You can’t walk into a reseller and get merchandize” The question is “Have you got a business without a product?” “Yes or No” Thats a no then “You have no business without the product”

9/ Linda “Elizabeth You have 3 flower shops with a turnover of £486,000 Net Profit of £18,000 its not good is it ?”

13/ Linda “Elizabeth I looked at your website and it doesn’t look that good to me” “So far I have found you exceptionally aggressive with an arrogant reply to your business plan” “Elizabeth I don’t think your being respectful I think you should take your tone down”

17/ Claudine “Sarah its taken your business 7 years to reach £433,000 with your existing business but in 4 years on the projected plan your going to reach 2.6 million”

“How you going to do that ?” “You have done nothing for 7 years your website is appalling I tried to order off it and it didn’t allow me to do it”

Linda “Sarah I love your speech but don’t buy your storey”

20/ Linda “James your predicting in 18 months that your going to reach 3 million?” “Fantasy Land” “In your old business you were under an umbrella of a multi national company Sugar doesn’t want pipe dreams and pie in the sky Bull Shit”

Linda “James you demoted your old boss ? ” “You got fired right?” Cause you were meeting clients on the side and doesn’t add to your charicter” “Its put a shadow over your trustworthiness with lord sugar’s investment”



Mike Souter









The Scottish CEO of Shortlist Media, is behind some of the free magazines that we read every week (Shortlist and Stylist), and has been on Sugar’s interview panel on the show since 2011.

1/ Mike “Elizabeth You have a mixed temperament many say your angry / Shouting and should avoid you like the plague”

4/ Mike “Sarah when I went over your website most of it simply didn’t work it was very poor”

Mike “Sarah So this is one of your unique products isn’t it?” “Yes” “Heres 1 of your competitors & Heres another one”

8/ Mike “James I have checked to see if your registered with the company you have at the bottom of your website page and your company isn’t registered”

Mike “James This makes you look like a rank amateur”

11/ Mike “Michaela how many businesses do you own?” “I dont Know” “You have 10 other businesses” “Doesn’t that look like somebody who is going to concentrate massively over stretched?”

16/ Mike “Joanna you are a hot head”



Claudine Collins








The Managing Director of Media Com UK, a £1 billion media agency ?. She’s been part of the show since 2013 and grills contestants in the semi-final interview round before reporting back on each candidate to Lord Sugar in the boardroom.

3/ Michaela “My biggest misconseption is I always think I am confident and I may talk louder but inside I am crumbling”

Claudine “Michaela Sugar wants somebody who is confident”

12/ Claudine “Sarah you describes Alan sugar as a lemon sherbet, Quite firm and crunchy on the outside but in the middle lies a bit of bang & fizz”

14/ Claudine “James I am confident and I just don’t want to fail”

18/ Claudine “Joanna how do you feel about confrontation?” “You have argued and clashed with 1 or 2 of the other candidates haven’t you?”

Claudine “Joanna why are you crying ?” “Joanna I just hate it when its bought up I started the process on the wrong foot and not been able to shake it off and battle showing people who I really am”

Claude Littner has had a varied career in business having been involved in many companies across a number of industries and geographic locations, and for much of his career he has been involved in corporate turnarounds.

2/ Claude “Joanna you don’t know what you don’t know”

5/ Claude “James looking over your numbers its absolutely ridiculous” “3million/6 million/ 9 million/ 12 million it just screams ludicrous its unacheavable”

10/ Claude “Sarah your opening line is “Women are like tea bags you don’t know how strong they are until you put them in hot water to find out”

Claude “Sarah we found that out about you and you failed that test through out the tasks you have just hung back and I really wonder if thats your trait of your business”

Claude “Sarah you started your business in 2009 thats 7 years ago you have just hung back… Get on with it”

15/ Claude “Michaela you have been running multiple businessses with a good turnover and profit you have your own money to inject into your own business you don’t need Sugar’s ”

Michaela “I just want a business partner to mentor me as 3 million to 30 million I am not sure how to achieve that”

Claude ” You think Sugar is going to take you to the promised land?”

19/ Claude “Elizabeth you have a great work ethic and a can do attitude and you have been a absolute memorable candidate”

“You are absolutely impossible to work with you are bossy and so ever bearing and its been a trauma to watch you in every single task as you just take over”

“Elizabeth your 3 shops are barley profitable as its not an investable business as your just flogging a dead horse and the numbers say different” “Good Luck”


In The Boardroom 


Claude “Sugar – Sarah has a quality about her entirely honest & credible”

Mike “Sugar – Sarah’s products were not original” “Her website doesn’t work”

Linda “Sugar – Sarah’s had her business since 2009 and done nothing”

Sugar “Sarah you have a sweet business and you make a modest profit at the moment and I am wondering why you haven’t got an all singing dancing website in the past 7 years?”

Sugar “Sarah why should I invest in you?” “Sarah Its obvious that my product has a huge scalability and growth that these other 2 businesses don’t have as my ground work has been done and its ready to fly”

Claude “Joanna hasn’t even identified the whole sailers zero experience in the industry she wants to enter”

Sugar “Joanna I think you got to grow up a bit”

Claude “Joanna you didn’t really accept that she was argumentative”

Sugar “Joanna you didn’t just wake up one morning saying you want to go into the fashion business as you have no experience of whats trending”

Sugar “Joanna I can’t go into a business with someone who has no knowledge of the market at all”

Sugar “Joanna take this as good advice from me go get a job in that industry learn it inside out then do what you want but at this moment in time I am going to say you will not be my business partner “YOUR FIRED”

Sugar “Elizabeth your a hard worker you take on everything but I can’t see the scaling up of your business plan so with regret YOUR FIRED”

Sugar “James I am taking a look at your numbers I don’t know wether your just wetting your finger and sticking it in the air and said that will do that”

Sugar “James you haven’t been in business on your own as the other two have you preposition is hard for me to envisage”

Sugar “Michaela I want a business partner thats going be 100% concentrating on the business we could be going into I just can’t get my head round your other businesses  ” “YOUR FIRED”



Joanna FIRED
Elizabeth FIRED
Michaela FIRED








The two finalists who made it through were










Sugar “Sarah & James congratulations you two made it through to the final where I will select which one of you will become my new business partner So watch out for the Final part of the series.




The next stage is where you both will have to present your own business to over 200 people Recruitment & Confectionary so see you soon.


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