The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 9

The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 9

The Apprentice 2017:

Series 13 Episode 9 of 14

“Recipe Kits”

Early morning call as the candidates are off to Borough Market to buy their produce to make this Recipe Kit.

Team Vitality


Harrison P.M



















Harrison as P.M with Jade being Sub but you could just feel the atmosphere in the room as Jade & Joanna couldn’t get on.

Harrison chose to make a chicken curry called “Natro fuel” with the help of Michaela as Harrison had chosen them both to be working together and they ended up doing a live pitch to some top supermarkets but one key ingredient was missing there was no vegetable in it which didn’t go down too well with the audience also there was no steps on how to cook the food which didn’t seem to clever.

Team Vitality got 12 votes from the audience which made them the winners of this task.

Vitality won the task very well done.



Team Graphene


Sarah P.M



















Sarah as P.M and James as Sub leading the rest of the team James went off to cook the food with Elizabeth where she seemed to take over the whole show so I think James took a back step as he seemed very weak controlling things.

The teams brand was called “Gourmet Crusades” which from the start didn’t sound right as the word crusades had so many other meanings which Sugar didn’t find to amusing and this team only managed to get 10 votes from there same audiance as the other team had.


Its Graphene in the boardroom for a bashing Sugar isn’t happy.















Sugar ” I am embarrassed what went on in front of some major retailers” which wasn’t a good note to start on just before he ripped into the 3 sitting the other side of the table from him.

Sugar “Confused Saffron” “Even Oliver Twist wouldn’t want any of that stuff”

Sugar didn’t like the fact that Bushra told a naughty Donald Trump joke which made the room go very quiet.

Sugar “Elizabeth trying to calm you down was like trying to brush a Pirañas teeth”

Sugar “James When you going to man up”

Sugar “Elizabeth your like a giant hog weed you just completely take over”

Sugar “Bushra I am a great believer theres no smoke without fire your colleagues not seen anything from you”

Sugar “Elizabeth I am struggling to visualise you as my business partner”

Sugar “Bushra I don’t think you don’t anything in the last 9 weeks” ” Your Fired”

Sugar was just about to rip into Elizabeth and she started this bullying tack tic with Sugar which seemed to work as he said off you go back to the house.



Bushra “Fired”










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