The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 6

The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 6

The Apprentice 2017:

Series 13 Episode 6 of 14

“Tour around Bruges”.


Aboard the Cruise ship Britannia at Southampton docks all aboard for the awesome experience of a lifetime.

The Ship of 3000 passengers the teams were split up by Claude.


Team Vitality

Sarah P.M
















Theme was History with Horses & Tram.

Anisa wasn’t happy as she was picked to deal with the facts and she was really angry as she was no good with factual history.

There were only 16 tickets started which started at £100 ( 6@£87.50 each & 4@£75 each )

Nunnery – Church – Hospital to visit along the way

The beer venue was £9.50 each including 3 small beer tasting glasses & 2 small bottles of beer to take away.

Bought 50 key rings as souvenirs.

1st stop was visit the hospital after 30 minutes walking round the streets to find the way in but Karren said “You have to go inside to see it”.

Total Spend £167.64p

Ticket Sales £993

Refunds were £165 as it was poorly planned & boring.

Total £606.36p



Team Graphene

Elizabeth P.M
























Theme was Modern with Belgium Chocolate & the Segway.

Sugar laughed at Harrison as the chocolates was his idea and the boardroom was chuckling to themselves.

James came up with the idea of the Segway idea.

Sugar to Elizabeth ” Military Exercise” or “Reign Of Terror with the forceful leadership approach”.

James managed to bargain with the chocolate business for a 5% share of the profits per sale in the store.

Total Spend was £184.54

Ticket Sales £1139.60p

Refunds of £156 as the Segway tour wasn’t what was explained in the sales part of the tickets.

Total £803.06p

They won the task.

Your prize is to go punting in the city of Cambridge.



Punting in Cambridge



Team Vitality in the boardroom final


Sugar ” Your 10 customers said it was Boring”

Karren to Andrew “You heavily promoted the Beers element and what you didn’t tell them was it was beer tasting”

Sugar “Your were offering a trained tour guide” & “was Anisa short for anesthatist” pmsl

Sugar Charles “You were wandering round for 3 hours”

Sugar “Andrew from what I heard you thought it was all funny Ha! Ha! Ha! customers were all lost” &  “Andrew your laddish behaviour of yours this is a business process this is not a holiday camp to come and enjoy yourself.

Sugar ” Right when we get back on that ship we got a captured audience of 2900 people Caching!!!!!!”

What do you do”

Sugar You go off and buy 50 key rings “Poor salesman from 6 people”

Sugar Let me let you into a little secret the other team won cause of their souvinirs.

Who’s coming back in the boardroom?? These three.










Sugar “Sarah Jayne oblivious to the mistakes that were made”

Karren “Andrew lacks the professional approach acting like a university student”

Sugar ” Charles came into this process like a bull in a china shop”

Andrew did the over promoting of the beer and didn’t give what was promised.

Sugar “This was a very embarrassing situation replicates the sort of thing you get on Eurovision”

Sugar ” Sarah Jayne you appointed yourself as project manager to prove something to me” FACT! you have not proved yourself to me!!!

Sugar ” Charles you are like mr hindsight”  ” What did you did right? ”

Sugar ” Andrew I have already spoken to you about your attitude” “There is no way on earth your going to be a business partner of mine”

Sugar “You boxed me into a corner ”

Sugar “Your CV tells how good a business many you are” and “I haven’t seen any of that”

Sugar “Sarah Jayne I been wondering what you do” “Now I know what you do It seems you moved yourself over to a convenient place for the past 6 weeks”

Sugar “Sarah Jayne “Your Fired” Charles go back to the house.

Sugar “Andrew you tell me why you should remain in the process?”

Andrew ” What ever I do I am going to go out there with a professional attitude”

Sugar  Andrew “Last chance is an understatement go off to the house”.



Are you ready for some more ??


Sarah Jayne Clark “Your Fired”





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