The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 5

The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 5

The Apprentice 2017:

Series 13 Episode 5 of 14

“Lord Sugar’s 70th Birthday”


This year Lord Sugar celebrates his seventieth birthday, so the candidates had to meet him at hi old Primary School where Lord Sugar explained the list of 9 items with the fact that there will be fines for missed items so the teams were sent on a shopping spree across London to purchase items that mark milestones in his life and career.


The Northwold Primary School was where Lord Alan Sugar went 59 years ago along with a World Champion Boxer Chris Eubank & a Rock & Roll Legend Marc Bolan.

They candidates have one day to bag nine specific items at the best possible price and must meet at the House of Lords when Big Ben strikes 7.

Team Graphene

Joanna ( P.M )
Bushra ( Sub )


















Sarah Jayne







Joanna asked the group she was with “I Lord Sugar Jewish” so the her knowledge wasn’t great.

Monogram Shop

Elizabeth in the monogram shop wasting too much time haggling with the owner how much it would cost “Please” “Please” “Please” I think the owner gave in cause I could tell he was getting agitated with her constant wining.

The arguing started again with Elizabeth & Bushra and I bet thats why Joanna put them together on the sub team so she wouldn’t have to put up with it and watching things pan out it was a good idea.

Jade sourced a place where to get something from 1947 which was an old magazine and when they finally got to the shop the owner didn’t charge her for the magazine because she never had any change for a £5 so that was free.

Joanna managed to source the amstrad Computer and when they got to the shop to get hold of it before the other team beat them to it she got it for £88 after some quick haggling.

Sarah Jayne managed to source a retractable car arial so at last she did something as all I saw was her sitting in the car nodding her head at other peoples ideas.

James sourced a scarf which was an easy task so some of each team were starting to flag a bit and sit back watching the others get on.

Bushra sourced a merchants that sold bricks and mortar and when they got into the merchants Elizabeth steamed in about the items needed and Bushra was getting angry as clearly what she said in the car wasn’t take on board with Elizabeth so Bushra said Elizabeth was “Unprofessional uncontrollable Cartoon Character” which was funny.

Joanna said time was around 5:55pm but Anisa managed to get the Tottenham scarf and this was the first time I saw her doing anything.

Elizabeth said it was 6:10pm and it was getting a little tight for getting back to the house of lords for the bells.

Joanna’s little group missed the chime at the house of lords and it was around 7pm which would incur a panalty in the board room later.

Bushra managed to get to the house of lords at 7:45pm which was way too late so fines would be incurred in the board room later.

Jade even had a moan about Joanna being late so I could sense there was still something brewing in the pot between them two still.

In The Board Room

Sugar said to Joanna ” Was there a reason why you stuck Jade & Elizabeth together?” was it to do with having a row beforehand in the morning??

Karren said to Sarah Jayne when she got the retractable arial that she didn’t push the shop keeper to lower the price “No Fireworks No Disasters” lol

Sugar said to Bushra “Being an indecisive  sub team leader as she didn’t get the responses she would of liked and still Elizabeth said they weren’t rowing lol

Team Graphene got all 9 items for £210.70 plus fines giving them £310.70 then Joanna started crying with emotions and listening to the other teams poor attempt realised they won the task and the prize was goto a 1940’s Bar a decade where sugar was born.

  Team Vitality

Sajan ( P.M )
Harrison ( Sub )












Sarah Lynn













Charles went into a Turkish store looking for a Jewish Pastry and being jewish himself he should of known all that but he went in anyway Claude said “Waste of time stopping”.

Sarah sourced a 1947 item which was an old stamp and they managed to knock the owner down a few quid so that was safe in the bag.

Sarah said along the way to where the amstrad computer was that it could be a waste of time as the other team had already picked it up so the drive was a waste of time so the trip was a total waste of time when they could be sourcing something else needed.

Michaela managed to source a handkercheif for £10 but it was un-embroidered then she dug into Ross saying “He was no good at negotiating and did nothing on the task” so I feel the pressure was getting a little high.

Andrew managed to source a retractable car arial at 4:30pm so time was getting on a bit and some of both teams were struggling getting hold of the items needed for the task.

Sajan managed to source the amstrad computer and arranged to meet the owner half was as time was running short so that was going on in the back ground.

Michaela was getting a little flustered saying they have only got 1 hour 20 minutes to get to the computer and back to the house of lords for the bell.

Harrison it was 5:30pm time was ticking and when he got to a builders merchants it was closed so I think he was in a panic about it so I bet he is going to be one of the 3 in the boardroom to get thrashed.

Sajan called the person who was meeting him half way to get hold of the amstrad computer saying that he wasn’t going to make it as time was getting on so the poor chap on the other end of the phone was fuming travelling all that way for nothing but Sajan group managed to get to the house of lords in time for the bells.

Harrison 6:30pm go out off the car to run to the shop to get hold of the scarf which was a good idea as the traffic was building up by that time.

In The Board Room.

Sugar asked Charles “why did he go into a Turkish shop for a Jewish Item ”

Sugar said to Harrison “Looking on the map it looked like the sat-nav had gone nuts going around on a magical mystery tour” but Sajan said ” His team worked hard and had lots of energy”.

Team Vitality lost the task as they didn’t get 3 of the 9 items needed which incurred fines of £347.53 making their final total of £430.03 it was unbelievable sugar commented.

Sajan started off ok but as time went on it transpired that direction wasn’t going to plan they only managed to get 6 out of 9 items so they were heavily fined which lead to the failure of the task and three people ended up in the boardroom to get a bit of an ass whipping.

Sugar “You only got 6 items what were you doing all that time ?”

Sugar “Harrison said London is a big place” ” Do you just talk a good game or what but don’t actually do anything?”

Sugar ” You went on a round Britain tour couldn’t find a builders merchants”

sugar ” Oh hello Ross was you on this task ?” “What did you do?” “Did you buy anything?” Ross “No” Sugar “Waste of space on this task or what?”

Sugar “Hole in my bucket my bucket”

Sugar ” Computer task was a farce getting somebody to drive over and meet you half way then you change your mind as you left things too late”

Sugar ” The fines for not getting that caused you the failure of this task”

Sugar ” Michaela don’t go patting yourself on the back you paid £50 for something the other team got for £23″

Sugar ” Sajan Who’s responsible for the failure of this task?”

Sajan ” Geographically Harrison & Ross

Karren ” Ross is academic than a doer ”

Claude ” Harrison took over the sub team but it was Sarah that took over in the end”

Sugar “Japanese tourists would of got around London better than you lot”


Michaela seemed a little nervous watching the rest of the team perform.

Sarah seemed to be the only one who looked like she was going in the right direction.

After a little squabbling Sajan bought 2 others in the boardroom with him where the temperature was rising a little as Lord Sugar dug into the three which was funny and I bet there was a little bit of sweating going on as Lord Sugar looked across the table at the following three.

Sugar “Sajan you had a Lack of Communication & showed a Poor Strategy.

Harrison – Talked well but didn’t impress Lord sugar as he seemed a bit bolshy in tonights episode.

Ross – Said he was a Genius but really did nothing.

Sugar “Ross I wonder if your made for business you a very articulate fellow ” A fish out of water in this process”



Sugar “Genius Ross I wish you all the best ” Your Fired” then stumble away from the table struggling to get his words out. “the rest of you go back to the house you caught me on a good day”


Ross the Genius “Your Fired”



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