The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 4

The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 4

The Apprentice 2017:

Series 13 Episode 4 of 14

“V.I.P Hospitality at Wembley”.


Week Four kicks off at Wembley Football Stadium, where Lord Sugar instructs the candidates to set up and run a VIP Hospitality Box and run a match day stall outside the ground at the Women’s FA Cup Final.

One guest might be Roy Keane, he thinks everyone in the stands eats prawn sandwiches.






The football industry is worth 4 Billion pounds a year uk alone and women football is growing that much that there is a women F/A cup final match soon.

Tonight’s nail-biting instalment of the BBC reality series featured luxury wedding planner Siobhan as project manager of the girls’ team, and Andrew Brady heading the boys’ team.

The groups were tasked with selling and managing a luxury box during an FA cup football game at Wembley Stadium, but the girls’ attempt gradually fell apart when they failed to make as high a profit as team Vitality.


Team Vitality

Andrew Project Manager



Sajan Shah Sub








“We need to SMASH this event! Rrrrggghh!” Team Vitality’s project manager is flexing his pecs and doing an impression of the Incredible Hulk – if the Incredible Hulk worked in corporate hospitality.

The pumped-up PM has already admitted on camera that “I don’t have a filter – I speak and my mind catches up,” which doesn’t sound like a great recipe for charming clients at a VIP box in Wembley, but that’s the task.

Watch your fingers Charles

It’s the women’s FA Cup final and the teams have to negotiate a package of food, drink and entertainment with clients.

The Hulk’s team cut every corner they can. White wine? One bottle between 14 people should do it. Entertainment? Never mind shelling out for a magician, one of us can sing.

Meanwhile, luckily for them, team Graphene has turned into a stop-start shouting contest that Lord Sugar describes as “a war zone”. Those guys really don’t like each other.

As the competition continues, Lord Sugar instructs the candidates that this week’s task is to set up and run a corporate box, and sell merchandise to the masses at the Women’s FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in London. The team members chosen to organise the boxes meet their match when they come face to face with the clients and their negative comments. The following day at the big game, guests in one of the corporate boxes are unhappy as supplies run dry, while those selling merchandise outside struggle with last minute pricing strategies.

And Team Vitality forget soft drinks

Team Vitality find unique ways of cutting costs in tonight’s episode and last resort to use Harrison in a cost cutting exercise letting Harrison sing Frank Sinatra’s My Way comes after the clients insisted they didn’t want any “awkward” entertainment.which didn’t sound too bad.

It looked like they were on top of things and watching them tuck into a few plates of sample food like they hadn’t eaten for a week and they didn’t lay on enough drinks for the VIP’S as the pregnant women had a glass of water until one of her friends got her a drink from a bottle that was hidden in her handbag.

They had to keep nipping to the bar to fetch more drink as I spotted a few standing with empty glasses and shocked faces wondering whats happening.

Lord Sugar made a comment  that Sarah Lynn had been removed from the war zone on the other team when she jumped over to the Team Vitality to try and even the numbers up and the smile on her face as she welcomed the move so she could be away from the arguments constantly going on.


Team Graphene

Siobhan Smith Project Manager



Elizabeth McKenna Sub








Then watching team Graphene started off going wrong when Elizabeth wasn’t clear of the costing and the faces she was pulling was showing that she just didn’t have a clue but then she became sub team captain which gave her a regimental position lol


Elizabeth loving it being in charge.






They pushed the numbers onto Bushra and she said to Siobhan she needs to reduce it but they all got into the cars and drove off with everything up in limbo land and Claude even said “why has Bushra been put in charge of drinks when she doesn’t even drink” .

Elizabeth being appointed sub team captain I think that went straight to her head.



Claude complimented Jade saying she was a ” Sales Machine ” and looking at her put the rest to shame whilst Elizabeth kept telling Sarah off for eating the candy floss   just like a naughty school girl and on thing I found unprofessional was Sarah Jayne Clark call Elizabeth a ( T… ) word which I am sure others heard it being said.


Yum Yum Yum to Tw.t


Team Vitality won making £1215 profit compared to Team Graphene’ £984 so Team Vitality won the prize of going to the oval cricket ground to to play a few hits with worlds famous Kevin Peterson.



Forced to return to the boardroom with Elizabeth McKenna and Joanna Jarjue in tow, Siobhan failed to convince the billionaire mogul – who said she’d had a “poor performance” for an events manager – she should stay in the competition.

In the board room the cat fighting was still going on and I was shocked to see only 1 got fired and not some more but next week Joanna is going to be P.M to see what she can do so that should be fun to watch.



“Your Fired”


THE APPRENTICE’S latest fired candidate Siobhan Smith tore apart Lord Alan Sugar’s “unfair” decision in the boardroom on tonight’s episode, claiming he “switched off” during their debrief.

Siobhan admitted that she thought Lord Sugar’s decision was “unfair” and that her departure was hard because she hadn’t “done anything wrong”.

The 34-year-old confessed: “No I don’t really feel like he was fair and to be honest. I think men probably switch off a little bit anyway when women start going on. My husband always says ‘men have 500 words a day and after that they switch off, whereas women have 10,000’.

“Lord Sugar probably thought ‘oh my God whatever’. I don’t think he was very accurate, but to be honest even though I don’t think he was fair, he was saying it was all about profit.

“In real life it wouldn’t all be about profit when you do events. I made a profit and that’s why I stay true to myself.

“I’m not sad because it wouldn’t have worked would it? We’ve got different business values,” she added.

Siobhan went on to say that she was unhappy with the show’s choice to continue to split up the girls’ and the boys’ teams, and she believed it was designed to keep the girls arguing for the entertainment factor.

“Obviously it’s always good to show ‘Oh the women can’t work well together’ you know?” She explained. “But we did work well didn’t we? Because we won three tasks, so it can’t have been as bad as everyone potentially thinks it was.

“Otherwise we wouldn’t have won, would we? We would have just argued constantly and they’re just showing the worst parts,” she added.



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