The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 1

The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 1

The Apprentice 2017:

Series 13 Episode 1 of 14

“The Burger”


It was boys vs girls on opening night, with the teams tasked to make burgers at a profit. Those tuning in to see a nice cival first contest would be disappointed to see the in-house fighting begin in the girls first early morning taxi ride.

The early arguments between candidates Elizabeth & Siobhan would be a recurring theme throughout the episode. Elizabeth, or ‘Scary Liz’ as she referred to herself in the opening segment, came across as quite a character as the hour went on. From punching meat, to chasing people along Canary Wharf, it will be interesting to see if any of the other candidates can compete with her strong personality.


The girls managed to make a profit on Week 1, despite their UPS of ‘Luxury’ falling flat with Sugar & Co. The decision to chose standard meats of such ‘regular’ class such as Beef and Chicken is one thing, but its worse when you pick the cheapest Chicken in the butcher.

Combine that with the fact that Lord Sugar described their burger as looking like ‘a constipated tortoise’, it truly is a surprise that there will be nine female entrepreneurs round the board room next week.

That’s because the Boys had what can be described, in the nicest way, as a ‘complete mere’. Led by Danny, an owner of a manufacturing business, a manufacturing challenge should have been an absolute walk in the park.







Instead, we saw labouring over labelling, inconsistent decision making and number crunching when they should have been pattie pressing. When the guys finally got burgers together, they arrived at a ghost town Brixton food market that would made a library on a summers day look busy. Add to that the fact that they never sold a burger until the last two hours, it was never going to be a good day for ‘Vitality’.


It was no surprise that they made a loss, and faced the finger of Lord Sugar. The trio who faced the bullet were project manager Danny, Charles, a Minion look-a-like management consultant who looked to care only about himself and was the culprit of the kitchen costing horror show, and Elliott, a legal firm owner who sold just under £10 of product all day.


In the end, PM Danny was the one who hit the dust first. I mean, when you class the fact that one of your team Jeff sold a salad roll on a burger challenge pmsl as your major success, you know the writing is on the wall. He wasn’t helped either when he couldn’t even decide who was joining him in facing the chop. Ohhh Danny boy.

The PMs, the teams and the money

Team Graphene

Project Manager: Sarah – with Siobhan, Michaela, Jade, Sarah-Jayne, Joanna, Elizabeth, Anisa, and Bushra

Total Spend: £374.87

Total Sales: £611.65

Profit: £236.78

The treat for winning the task.

It was back to the house for Team Graphen for a vegetarian feast cooked by Tommy Banks, Britain’s youngest Michelin-starred chef.

Team Vitality

Project Manager: Danny – with Andrew, Ross, Harrison, James, Charles, Elliot, Jeff and Sajan

Total Spend: £394.62

Total Sales: £280.45

Loss: -£114.70


The Apprentice Series 13 Episode: 1 (No. 1) – Picture Shows: Elliot Van Emden, Danny Grant, Charles Burns all looking very nervous about whats going to happen here and Charles just won’t shut up so lets see who gets it.

Lord Sugar on the losing team: “Gentlemen, this is a very unfortunate start. Right now I feel like I’m looking at a load of dead meat to be honest with you.”

PM Danny initially decides Harrison will be joining himself and Charles in the boardroom – but when Harrison puts up a fight, he relents and chooses Elliot to take his place.

Lord Sugar on the three in the firing line and his final decision: “Do you know what worries me Charles, one gets a feeling about people immediately, and the feeling I’m getting is that you’re a little bit disruptive. I can’t deal with disruptive people as my business partner.”

“Danny you’ve made some serious errors, I think you were a bit overwhelmed.”

“As far as Elliot is concerned, I really don’t know what you did on this task, and that worries me really.”

“The fact of the matter is Charles, we can’t have disruptive people here and whilst you say you’ll get better as time goes along, it is regretful that you’ve acted this way in the first task. But Danny, this was a disaster and I don’t think you managed the team well. So Danny, it is with regret that you’re fired.”

Danny “Your Fired”




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