The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 2

The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 2

The Apprentice 2017:

Series 13 Episode 2 of 14

“Hotel Makeover”




This task was at the 300 acres Stoke Park Hotel Buckinghamshire a impressive five star hotel with 1000 year history including a huge golf course and last of all an iconic film location for James Bond’s Gold Finger, where people pay premium prices for premium accommodation and services.

This task is where the remaining 17 candidates find out that they will be working as Interior Designers doing a makeover of a bedroom in the hotel then once finished they will pitch to the hotel manager & a leading interior designer.


Team Graphene in action.

Project Manager Bushra Shaikh & Sub Manager Sarah Jane Clarke where they chose the Golf theme.White/Silver/Platinum colours.

Elizabeth in charge of the purse strings with Claude following behind shaking his head at the performance watching the girls choose & tag items to buy disturbed by them buying cheap items that won’t look right in a premium standard bedroom.

Team Graphene spent £5675 and made a profit of £7325 with 56% margin.

Day 2 the teams have 6 hours to prepare the bedrooms finishing ready for inspection by the Hotel Manager & aLeading interior designers.






Getting the look of a five star hotel is very important but keeping within the budget set at £13,000 for the task and keeping a close eye on the profit margin, As the task balances creative flair with bottom line so the team that forgets either could find themselves whitewashed in the bedroom.



Team Vitality

Project Manager Ross fretten & Sub manager James White who chose the Best of Britain Travel theme. Red/Blue/Yellow colours.

£11,495 spent making a profit of £1505 & a 12% margin on furnishings even though the team struggled to add all the tagged items up correctly.

Then you get the look on these guys faces they really don’t have a clue then you get Jeff bragging how many bankers do you know that Breakdance lol




This is where the Manager of the hotel & a leading interior designer look over what the two teams have come up with starting with Jeff bragging how much he spent on furnishings and how much should be charged for renting the room.

Then the girls room they got negative feedback on the renovation of the room so the boardroom finally looks like its going to be a tough fight.

In the boardroom the girls got a thrashing about the bare design of the room buying very cheap items then the Boys team gets a second lashing of Lord Sugar’s tongue so its getting very close as one person on the loosing team “its time for a person to check out”so watch on whilst Jeff tried to back out on looking after the money.

The second task saw the two teams battle it out by designing hotel rooms. In the end, Lord Sugar picked Team Grapheme as the winners and cuttingly remarked: “It’s not a case of I liked it more, I hated it less.”

The winning team was again Team Graphene winning a treat to one of the best designed hotels in London where one of their rooms was designed by the world famous cartoonist Gerald Scarfe and arranged with him to get their own charechachures done.














Ross /Jeff & James in the boardroom battling it out to try and stay in the process they all look nervous wrecks lol

One memorable moment saw Lord Sugar reprimand the semi-professional hip hop dancer for not taking responsibility for overseeing the numbers.

“Well, when Ross asked you to be the numbers man, you certainly vanished like a chameleon,” Lord Sugar snarked.


But Jeff hit back, revealing: “I’m not just about numbers. I have a background in breakdancing and you have to be creative to do breakdancing.”

“I don’t think that he was that impressed,” Jeff admitted. “I think he might have been a little intimidated because I said something like ‘I’m going to teach Lord Sugar how to breakdance’, so maybe he wanted to get me out early so he wouldn’t be able to take me up on that offer.”

Jeff told us that he had been breakdancing for 10 years and that it had given him so much confidence.

He added: “In the boardroom when they spoke about creativity and from my experience I thought breakdancing was my source of creativity – I thought that was something Lord Sugar should know about.”

Jeff also admitted that he was “disappointed and heartbroken” about being fired so early on.

“I’ve been heartbroken since. I think there was so much more I could offer,” he said.

Fired Apprentice candidate Jeff Wan resigned from his job to take part in the show!!!

The breakdancing businessman says he’s for hire after leaving his job to participate in Lord Sugar’s business contest.

He was asked what his plans were now that he’s been ejected from the boardroom by Lord Sugar, the semi-pro breakdancer replied “Nothing much!!” he left his career in finance to join the show and he gave his notice in a week before he went into the house.

Sadly as he’s “not a young man anymore”, Jeff doesn’t think that a dancing career is for him anymore, Even though just four or five years ago he tells us he performed with Tinie Tempah at the O2 – an experience he describes as “unbelievable”.Project Manager Ross Fretten bought back James & Jeff into the boardroom for the butt clenching thrashing that was about to begin so sitting there looking quite scared it started.

The team failed to impress and they spent too much money doing the makeover but didn’t make any profit with their luxury room ideas and Jeff described the room as looking “Pretty Poor”.

He sums up having to leave in week two as “heartbreaking”, laments the fact that he didn’t get the chance to show more of his abilities and says he was a “scape goat” after the failure of the task.

“I wasn’t able to showcase all my skills and I’m just feeling really gutted right now,” he said. “I was never PM, I wasn’t even sub team leader. I wasn’t able to showcase my leadership capabilities. I never had an opportunity with negotiating either.

“I’m very adamant about this – I don’t think it should’ve been me,” he says, although quickly adds: “I don’t want to be a sore loser!”


Jeff Wan “Your Fired”


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