Buster ( R.I.P )

Buster ( R.I.P )

Buster my old Friend.

My special times with my Faithful Buster.


Many years ago I had an idea that I wanted to have my very own pet but this pet wouldn’t be just a pet but my trusted companion who I could communicate with and treat as a human and it was a Rottweiler/Doberman Cross I don’t know why but I just loved this breed of dog..

I searched in many news papers and magazines and resorted to surfing on the world wide web and I found my ideal companion who was in a little village called Longcliffe just outside a place called Ashbourne, so I arranged to go see for myself what this little ball of fluff looked like so off I went.

I found this little farm entrance at the address I had written down from the phone call I made after speaking with the owners of my possible little ball of fun who I could devote all my time too and fill a space in my life, so I got out my car and walked down the drive to the big gate at the end of this dirt track and when I got to the gate I could hear some loud barking and every now and again a little bark which could possibly be the pooch I searched for.

One of the owners came out of the door where the barking came from and I said I was there to see the Rotti I called about earlier and they looked like good owners and all of a sudden 2 big dogs came bounding over towards the gate I was leaning on and it surprised me a lot and I stood back for a few seconds and the person said its ok to go through the gate but keep my hands out of reach of these 2 big dogs and I gasped thinking what am I getting into.

I managed to get to the door of the house without any trouble from the 2 guard dogs where they all lived and in the corner of this room was a box and I thought to myself what am I going to see when I walk closer and I caught a sight of this little dark ball of fluff looking up from in this box and instantly that was it and I was captured by a dark coloured 2 eyed fluff ball looking at me.

I stood still for a few moments and thought yes that was it and before I moved closer to the box the owner had to move the other 2 other dogs away into another room as they seemed very protective of what was in the box so I waited whilst they did this and once the door had closed I slowly walked towards this box in question and I saw the fluffy ball, Instantly I noticed how big the feet were and I was instantly captured by this little chap and my heart warmed with excitement.

I leant forward to pick the fluff ball up and it felt really warm and soft and I got a few licks and nibbles from the puppy then I said to the owner yes this is the one for me so I paid them and chatted a while about feeding and caring for such an adorable animal then I made my way to the door to leave and I could hear the 2 other dogs barking and I think they sensed what was going on so I walked a little faster through the door and made it to the gate where my car was.

I started driving away from the place where I got this puppy from and i instantly thought what will the parents of this puppy do when they see their little chap was gone and I know it sounds stupid but that’s how I am, so I stopped for a few moments with the puppy on my passenger seat sleeping in the box I found him in and said to him come on let’s go home and off we went.








Here he is my faithful companion, named Buster.

He loved having his picture taken and he would sit so patiently whilst I clicked away I felt happy that I had chosen him from the farm and the bond between us both started with this special moment so thing started to progress where I searched for the right food to give him as starting out as a puppy was important to get the right food for him to develop properly.

There he is again camera ready and waiting for me to click the pose of this handsome little chap he was already turning into such a loving pooch who I quickly grew fond of it felt like I was complete.

Time progressed and we both spent a lot of time together and one thing I noticed was how close I felt to him as he was the first ever pet I had got and the whole experience was new to us both and I had a good feeling about this and once we started getting into a routine of feeding and where he would sleep things started to come together and this little chap slowly turned into my little cuddly reliable friend.

Camera snaps started to gather of this handsome little chap and we started to do things together like a play in the garden with a football and I got through a few as he didn’t know his own strength and puncturing them was easy with his sharp little teeth.

Buster started to gain many talents 1 of them being he would sit on the edge of the sofa like us humans do and I thought that was quite good as when he was sitting next to me on the sofa I would put my arm around him and he would fall closer towards me as if to say ” I am with you ” and we would sit like that for ages and he would only get up if I did so in a way it was a good thing as he started to show his caring side.







I noticed a bigger bond starting to grow on me and my pooch like if I went up stairs he would always sit or stand at the bottom waiting for me to come back down which was a good thing so the sofa sitting thing & the waiting at the bottom of the stairs encouraged me to get him his very own sofa to lie on so he could have the same comforts that I had and the first time I introduced him to his sofa he kept looking at me as if to ” say is that for me are you sure “.








I noticed he started watching the things flying over as well as the birds it made me laugh a bit cause he would look at me for a second or two then look back which was funny to see, and I was starting to see how clever and loving this breed of dog was going to be and I was glad I got him when I did.



A few years passed and we started venturing upon the east coast to spend some time together walking along the sea front and paddling in the cool waters and he loved being in the back of my car and on the trip he was always looking around out the windows as we drove to and from the coast and sitting watching television he would always sit with me as you can see in one of the pictures.







Buster had turned into a wonderful faithful companion and he was always close to me a bit like a shadow I was glad of as this bond had grown between us I felt happy that he started to watch over me and dog walking was good as he would always walk in front so if anybody tried coming too close he would be there ready as a warning.


Every morning I woke up he would be there waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs with his little stumpy tail wagging like mad and the odd little nod which was quite canny so the first thing I did when I got near him was wipe his eyes and say to him ” are you ok ” and a little nod or a lick of his lips would tell me yes so he knew it was breakfast time and we would sit close to each other me eating mine and him eating his then when he finished he would come and say thank you with a lick of his lips.







The time went on and i was working just over the road from my home so nipping over to let him out a few times whilst on shift was acceptable with the company I was working for at the time which was great as when I walked over he was watching out the window at me approaching the house and when I opened the front door his little stumpy tail was going like mad and he walked me straight to the back door to let him out for a few minutes.

I think he was at his peak in 2005 and he turned out to be an awesome companion and always there when I became unhappy as he would sit right next to me on the sofa and rest his chin on my leg looking at me as if to say ” are you ok ” and I would lean forward and give him a hug which he loved.

Buster started getting weepy eyes so wiping them all the time was important so as to keep them clean for him and he would sit or stand there and let me do it then nod at me when I had finished and on the odd occasion.

Buster started getting sick after many visits to the vets for check up and things like coughing or joint stiffness I had to leave him there for a few times as they had to put him to sleep whilst he had his claws clipped as I didn’t like the noise it made and I didn’t want to hurt him.

They vets started to notice lumps and growths appearing on his skin and I had to leave him for a few over night stays so they could look at him properly and each time it tore us apart as being away from him was very hard those were the longest times I had ever had to leave him which bought tears to my eyes and until you have had a dog yourself you wouldn’t understand.








There he was on his sofa all cosy with his creature comforts and after many visits to the vets with one thing or another he started to get breathing problems and it was new years eve 2007 about 6 pm in the evening he climbed onto his sofa and went to sleep as usual and I was sitting working on my computer for a while he was asleep on his sofa then I heard a snorting noise coming from him so I went over to see if he was ok then all of a sudden he made this almighty gasp of air then he looked at me then stopped breathing and not moving then I realised he was gone and I tried to wake him and there was no response.

I sat with him all night thinking he might wake up and in the morning I was still sitting with him but there was no response in him so I said to myself ” it’s time to let go old friend ” and by this time I was destroyed I didn’t know what to do I cried all night as this great big space in my life had appeared and I felt so numb.

I plucked up the courage to arranged a cremation for Buster at a place called Badgers Wood on new years day and where I could have his ashes to keep to remind me of him so I drove him to the place where I would finally say goodbye old friend and I wrapped him in his own blanket and got help from the owner of the place to help me lift him out of the car onto a trolly then the owner took me to the building where I said fair well Buster Old Friend.


This was the saddest time of my life I felt lost letting go of my best friend Buster it tore a big hole right through me I really cried for a few days afterwards and now its been 10 years and not a day goes by where I look at his little box of ashes and say ” I wish you were still with me ” & ” I miss you ” and even now I look at his photo’s and have a little cry.

R.I.P Buster. xx
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